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The Paper Pledge

The Paper Pledge

Here are 10 simple ways we can all reduce paper consumption in the office.  How many will you pledge?

  1. I will always think before I print to cut down the paper I use myself
  2. I will make the nearest machine that prints double-sided my default copier
  3. If I have to print I will print double-sided
  4. I will only print the pages I need from a document
  5. I will highlight what I need from an email and only print that selection
  6. I will print two pages per side if I can
  7. I will proof read on screen and use print preview to correct mistakes before I print
  8. I will remove myself from mailing lists to reduce junk mail
  9. I will talk to my team about how we can use less paper together e.g. making a shared copy of infrequently used documents
  10. I will challenge and support colleagues to use less paper e.g. by not taking/expecting extra copies of meeting papers

Saving paper can be so easy!  Why wouldn't you do your bit?

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