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Sherborne Red Warnings

Sherborne Museum has discovered a ledger issued on May 15th 1944, after an arrangement by Mr Freeman of the Town Council and the Sherborne Rural District ARP Controller, to the SHERBORNE RESERVE REPORT CENTRE which reads "All telephonists on duty on an 'alert' should immediately, on manning Reserve Report Centre, send a message to Foys War Nursery Tel. Yetminster 32 [Foys is a large house in the neighbouring village of Chetnole some 6 miles from Sherborne] and Princes Place War Nursery Tel. Yetminster 68 [on the main A37 Yeovil to Dorchester Road] that a 'Red Warning' has been given."

Date Time From whom received Message
00:52 Sherborne 525 Air Raid Message White
02:43 Sherborne 525 Air Raid Message White
09:58 Sherborne 525 Message from Warden Parish Holwell, Sherborne.
A bomb dropped in a field near Pennys Farm, Holwell.
They think it is not exploded. There is a small crater but no shrapnel. Wants to know if they should evacuate school. Passed to Police who are acting on it.
10:15 Sherborne 525 Message from N.F.S. Weymouth to N.F.S.Sherborne
From Dorset County Council. 1 UXB 250kg [unexploded bomb] at Three Gates [Totnell,Leigh] in a field known as 10 acres, Flamberts Farm, Hilfield.
23:52 Sherborne 525 Air Raid Message White
03:15 Sherborne 525 Air Raid Message White
  14:15 Sherborne 525 Report from Sgt. Goodchild. Bomb Reconnaissance Officer, Sherborne Police.
2 unexploded bombs 1000kgs in field at Norman's Farm North Wootton 100yds south of road A3030,map ref 130/082354. Time of falling 0145. Hole of entry approx 2ft. estimated size 1000kgs x 2.
Buried ??Kophring?? found in viscinity, colour blue.
The ??Kophring?? at Sherborne Police Station. No evacuation. Suggest bomb category C.
May 15th 194400:37YetminsterAir Raid Warning Red
 01:14SherborneAir Raid Warning Red
May 28th 194401:44Report CentreAsking for messages - if anything reported
 02:05Report CentreAir Message White
 01:35Yetminster 32Red Warning
 01:37Yetminster 68Red Warning
 02:05Yetminster 32White warning
 02:07Yetminster 68White warning
May 29th 194402:40Sherborne 525Air Raid Message White
 01:45Yetminster 32Red Warning
 01:47Yetminster 68Red Warning
 01:47Yetminster 32No reply
 02:43Yetminster 68White warning
June 13th 194405:24Yetminster 32Air Raid Warning Red
 05:26Yetminster 68Air Raid Warning Red
June 16th 194411:29Sherborne 525Air Raid Warning Red
 11:36Sherborne 525Air Raid Message White
 11:30Yetminster 32Air Raid Warning Red
 11:31Yetminster 68Air Raid Warning Red
June 25th 194414:25Sherborne 525Message from Oborne.
Plane crashed by railway line near Oborne
RAF plane in flames
July 8th 194412:42Sherborne 525Lenthay Road South Side. Rumour of a cylinder in field past bungalow on the left. Police informed. From Mr Eason "A" Group
July 12th 194416:36Sherborne 525Plane blown up East of Sherborne. Police informed
 16:55Sherborne 525RAF Training Plane crashed in flames east of Sherborne, lower Sherborne Castleton Lane allotment.
Can you send someone out to bring away?
 16:58Sherborne 525Police to Sherborne Report Centre - one dead body in Plympton's Yard, Castleton Lane Allotment. Can you send someone out to bring away?
 17:20Sherborne 525Mr R.A.R Walker to Sherborne Report Centre Four bodies gone to Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Sherborne
July 13th 194409:40Sherborne 525Supplementary report Crashed RAF Aircraft now known to be two beau fighters. One trainer crashed in fields in Sherborne. Four RAF bodies taken to Royal Naval Hospital, Sherborne 09.40