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Everyday Life
South East
1939 - 1945

"Edward Dyer of Winchester recalls his father, who loved near Fair Oak, not far from Eastleigh, Hampshire was a member of the Home Guard and was often out at night on duty. However they didn't have a village hall to meet in and their Headquarters was an old hut in a local sand pit."

Edward Dyer

Everyday Life
South West
1939 - 1945

"I remember the day a neighbour's evacuee was killed at Thornford. They had a little girl of three and a boy who was older and went to Thornford School.
They had come to the village with a lot of children from the East End of London. Mr and Mrs Garrett didn't have any children and they lived in a small wooden bungalow that was built on to the back wall of our house at Lake at the Sherborne End of Thornford, a small group of houses outside of the village on what was called Thornford Lane. One day the older children were playing in the field across the road by the Lake and these were in the garden. They kicked the ball into the road and he chased after it. I could hear a motorbike coming and shouted to him to stop but he didn't. They had been warned about the road but it all seemed so quiet after London. The bike was ridden by a Despatch Rider on an urgent mission. He skidded right down to the well where we used to get our water on the other side of the road and pushed the little boy down the road. The Despatch Rider wasn't hurt and picked the boy up and carried him indoors. Someone phoned for an ambulance - but hardly anyone had a phone so I expect it was the farmer at the top of the hill - and eventually we heard the bell of the ambulance that had come out from Sherborne. He was taken to the Yeatman Hospital in Sherborne but he died a few days later. I think they had trouble tracing his Mum as she had sent them down under a false name and she had to get the train to Sherborne.
I believe she was stepping off the train at about the time her son died at the Yeatman Hospital and she didn't get there in time. He was buried in Sherborne Cemetery and his sister was taken back by his mother to London."
Thornford, Dorset

Kathy Gray

Everyday Life
South West
South East
1914 - 1945

"Beryl Harwood recalled how as a small girl in Southampton her father took her to see the 1914 volunteers marching through the streets to embark for France and when the Second World War broke out she decided to enlist, defying her parents. Beryl joined the WRAF and when the war ended she joined the allied forces in Germany."

Beryl Harwood

In The Home
Everyday Life
South West
1939 - 1945

"Fred Knight met Eva Burrough at Nether Compton church when they both sang in the choir and where in later years Fred played the organ. Fred had won a scholarship to the boys grammar school at Sherborne. There was no school transport and no grant so Fred used to walk the three miles to school each day and when he was 16 he went into the building trade. When Eva left school she worked at Brecon House, Sherborne as a cook until they got married. Theirs was a wartime wedding at Nether Compton church, Eva's family having moved to the village when she was a teenager, but there was no honeymoon because of the war. Shortly afterwards Fred joined the Royal Artillery but was invalided out and finished the war at the Officers Pay Corps in Manchester before returning to the building trade."
Nether Compton, Dorset

Fred Knight

In The Home
Everyday Life
South West
1933 - 1945

"Corrie was born at Berry Court Farm, Donhead St Andrew in 1909 and first married in 1933 but her husband was sadly killed in a motorbike accident in 1936. During the war, on Christmas Day 1941 she married Charlie Conduit and is remembered for her war time work at Guys Marsh Military Hospital which has led to her lifelong support of the Red Cross."
Shaftesbury, Dorset

Corrie Conduit
Friends of Corrie Conduit of Shaftesbury have asked that she should me mentioned.
Everyday Life
South West
1939 - 1945

"Gerry Masters of Ilchester and many other people from across the area recalled special childrens parties being organised during the war.

A photograph of children of Ilchester, Limington and Yeovilton at a joint party at Ilchester Town Hall in the 1940s was one of many on display at a wartime photographic exhibition held at the Town Hall a few years ago."
Ilchester, Somerset

Gerry Masters

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