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Sherborne Museum maintains an estimated 9,000 artefacts, photographs, maps, documents, textiles, archaeological finds, paintings and books. These provide a record of the unique cultural, social, and industrial history of Sherborne.

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All items entrusted to Sherborne Museum require storage in conservation-grade materials, with some requiring more specialist care than others. Our paper and textile based materials in particular demand a great deal of attention. Some documents cannot be used by the public and many items and paintings cannot be displayed until vital conservation work has taken place.

From as little as £15 a year you can join our Adopt an Object scheme and help to support the essential work undertaken by Sherborne Museum. Donations are put towards our general running costs and conservation, meaning your sponsorship will be helping to safeguard Sherborne’s rich heritage for future generations.

The Benefits of Adoption
As a sponsor you will receive the following benefits:
  • Further information about your chosen object;
  • An adoption label next to your object acknowledging your sponsorship (unless it is held in our reserve collection) and on our website;
  • A digital image for your use. We only ask that you credit the museum wherever the image is used, i.e. Your object name ©Sherborne Museum;

How to Adopt an Object
There are a range of objects for you to choose from. All you need to do is decide the level of donation you wish to make, choose the item you would like to adopt, and then complete and return the application form.

Items are available on a first-come first-served basis. The duration of adoption is one year from the date of adoption. Sherborne Museum reserves the right to lend/store/move an object at any time. The full list of items for adoption is shown above and can be seen on the photographic viewer on the ground floor of the museum.


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