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A social narrative for a family visit to the museum for children on the autistic spectrum

This narrative is also available here as an illustrated PDF file for you to download.

Today we are going to Sherborne Museum. Inside the Museum there are objects and photographs given to us by people who live in Sherborne and the surrounding villages. They tell the history of what it was like to live in the town from a very long time ago, to just recently.

The Museum is in a lane leading from the main shopping street to the Abbey. When we first arrive we will see a wooden door. We may have to ring the bell on the right hand side.

As you are arriving at a special time, it won’t be crowded, and there won’t be any queues to get in. Later on, there may be some volunteers who let themselves in to work at the very top of the building. The Museum will be very quiet.

You will meet the Curator at Reception when you come through the door. The Curator looks after all the things inside the Museum. You can leave your coat, and any food or drink, or anything you don’t want to carry round, in the Curator’s office, and pick it up when you leave.

There is a small shop in Reception where you can buy things to remind you of your visit if you want.

We can pick up a guide at the Reception desk so you can plan what you want to see. You can follow a checklist if you want or choose to see different things.

You can choose to have the Curator show you some of the things or you can just go round with your family.

The first room is the Gibb room. It has fossils, prehistory, Roman, Medieval and 17th century cases. There is a model of the Old Castle.

In the hallway, you will see some spoons made by Sherborne silversmiths.

In the Link there are lots of farming tools, engines and pub signs. You will walk through on a metal walkway which might sound a bit noisy!

In the Gardner room you will see screens that you can touch and some of our changing exhibitions. On the Missal screen you can choose to have sound and music if you want to and a voice telling you about this beautiful book. The other screen shows lots of our old photographs. You can also see a video of the whole museum, especially if you don’t feel like climbing the stairs! There is also a box full of toys, books and games you are allowed to play with. If you need the toilet, the door to the WC is in this room.

To go upstairs you will have to go back along the Link and into the hallway where the stairs begin. There are lots of pictures of the town on the walls as you go up. In the Marsden room you will see cases of costumes, silk, gloves and buttons. There is also a lovely Edwardian dolls’ house and a rocking horse. You can stroke the horse but not climb on it! And there are more children’s toys to play with. Now you have seen everything! But you can still listen to stories told by Sherborne residents about the town on our audio frame and handset.

If you want to leave the Museum you then go downstairs and back to the Reception area, pick up your things from the Curator and leave by the same door you came in by.

We hope you enjoyed the Museum and that you will come and see us again.

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